Family portrait for Lisa & Mike

Five kids, two dogs and a lot of laughter – that’s how I can describe my recent family session in Downingtown.

Once your kids ale older, taking a family picture is not as easy as one might think. You have to do a lot of planning and coordinating to get all of them together in one place and at the same time. It does not happen too often in Lisa’s family life – that’s why she contacted me and scheduled the session just before Christmas!

For Lisa the most important thing was to get a family picture where they are all together – so she can always remember them together, and have a large print of that. I loved the idea and here you can see a little sneak-peek at what we’ve created that day:

Family portrait with dogs.

Frolicky kids portrait.

Family portrait with props.

While people grow up and change, family portraits are something that never changes. Something precious – that will be cherished forever for many generations.

Sometimes I hear people say they don’t want to be photographed – they don’t like the way they look on photographs. They feel uncomfortable and want to wait until they loose a few pounds here and there. That always makes me sad – in my view that’s a great mistake! Don’t they see, the pictures aren’t actually for them? They are for their children and their families, who will look at those photographs later and be glad someone had the foresight to take them. No one will say “mom/dad should have waited with this picture until [something]” – trust me on this one. In the end, family portraits and albums will be the thing your kids would look at with greatest fondness.

Family session photo.