Summer Family Session

Someone once said that picture is worth a thousand words… and the memories are simply priceless. I could’t agree more with it. One day your children will go looking for photos of the life you’ve lived together…

What will they find?

Exist in beautiful portraits for them! Create memories! Document your life!

Such a special family session I had with Erica and Steve. The day was hot, the walk was long, the kids were cranky at times, and in the end we were all exhausted. But just look at all the love and fun that I was able to capture!

As you all can see the end result, we created many beautiful portraits that will be cherished forever.

A note about Copyright

I’m Patricia, an European-American photographer based in West Chester, PA. In this blog post you’re watching my livelihood: I take pictures to pay my bills. Therefore please don’t download or copy any photographs from this blog. Instead, share the entire blog post. Thank you.