Joy of a new family – meet little Penelope

First baby and lots of love all around.

Little Penelope Grace turned her parents’ world upside down. She was so tiny and precious when I photographed her, that I started to wish for a little girl – just like her.

Meet the little princess:
Mother and newborn family portrait - collage

Here is the first family picture with little Penelope. What a joy for the parents and privilege for me to share that first days of her life! New roles and a new baby, that is loved beyond any measurement. As a family photographer, this part of my work is definitely my favorite one. Observing happiness and special connection that is visible in every family photograph is really an amazing experience. Nothing like this!

I hope that some day in the future, that first family picture remind them how blessed and happy they felt because of that little girl.

Mother, Father and newborn family portrait