Our new Mother’s Day tradition

Last year I picked up this idea from somewhere on the internet – to interview my boys about me as a mom, and Mother’s Day is a good occasion for that. Check out my boys’ responses from last year: https://www.facebook.com/notes/fig-tree-photography/how-well-do-your-children-know-you/449355071750896. We decided to make it our Mother’s Day tradition, so this year I created my own questions. Some of my boys’ answers are hilarious; others will tell you a lot about me, about them and about our family.


I began the interview with my youngest boy – Simon (7 years old), then my middle boy – Rafal (10), and finished up with my oldest – Mikolaj (13). They were eager to do this with me, and didn’t share their answers with each other. Check it out:

  1. Why did God create your mom?
    • S – To have kids
    • R – For her to be a good mom
    • M – In order to put her on Earth
  2. How did He create her?
    • S – Beautiful
    • R – Normally
    • M – Magic
  3. Is she talented in something?
    • S – Yeah! She’s best in Monopoly
    • R – Yeah! In jokes
    • M – Cooking
  4. How old is she?
    • S – 34
    • R – 36
    • M – 31
  5. What kind of a little girl was your mom?
    • S – Happy
    • R – Bad little girl
    • M – A tomboy
  6. If you could change one thing about your mom – what would it be?
    • S – She would be better in puzzles
    • R – For her to always agree with us
    • M – Be more interested in computers
  7. What has your mom taught you?
    • S – Division
    • R – How to read in Polish
    • M – That’s a very good question…
  8. What’s the fastest way to make your mom angry?
    • S – Play video games in her room
    • R – Disagree with her husband and yell at him
    • M – Fight with each other
  9. What do you like the most about your mom?
    • S – She is very funny
    • R – She makes good food
    • M – She can cook
  10. What’s your mom’s favorite game to play?
    • S – Monopoly
    • R – Monopoly
    • M – Monopoly
  11. What kind of music does she like to listen to?
    • S – Elmo?
    • R – Salsa and Classical Music
    • M – Many different styles
  12. What’s something your mom always says to you?
    • S – “Clean up your wardrobe”
    • R – “Eat your broccoli” and “NO, you can’t play video games now!”
    • M – “Study your Spanish”
  13. What’s the difference between your mom and dad?
    • S – She is a girl and he is a boy
    • R – Dad is mean and mom isn’t
    • M – My dad is techie but mom is more old style
  14. Why did your mom marry your dad?
    • S – Because he asked her
    • R – Because they liked each other
    • M – I really have no idea
  15. Is there something she doesn’t like to do? What is it?
    • S – She does not like to go to the store
    • R – Play video games
    • M – Exercise
  16. What do you like to do with your mom?
    • S – Reading books
    • R – Play video games
    • M – Do something crazy
  17. Do you think she is special? Why?
    • S – YES, because God made her special
    • R – YES, she makes good food
    • M – YES, she is small, for one
  18. What your mom likes to do for fun?
    • S – Make funny faces and laugh at everything
    • R – Goof around and joke
    • M – Rest
  19. If you could buy her anything in the world as a gift, what would it be?
    • S – Another baby boy
    • R – Ruben’s house
    • M – A couch, because there is no place she can travel to, that’s fun right now

I think it’s a great idea to try with your own kids; with younger kids it’s going to be even funnier. Aren’t you curious about how you look in the eyes of your own children? I’d love to hear from you!