Glamour photography session with Katie

Finally last month I had my first Glamour session. I have been very excited about this idea for a long time. A special photography session that would be perfect for an “everyday woman” – with kids, perhaps a few extra pounds, and not enough time for herself.

For my first model I picked Katie, a mom that I have known for several years. I offered her this session because I was convinced that she is beautiful, special, and has many talents, and I wanted to show them off!
Before+After Katie

The session was a great experience for me as a photographer. From talking to Katie I know that it was an unforgettable experience for her as well! I asked her if she could share a few words about that and she agreed! Read on.

Katie, can you share a bit about how you felt before the session with me?

Well, I like to do different things but I never thought of myself as a model. I feel like I am a typical woman with things I like about myself and things I don’t, and most pictures that are taken of me are just OK. But I also was very familiar with your work, Patricia, and I thought if anyone could capture the beauty inside me, you would be the person to do so. I said to myself – let’s give it a try.

And how did the session go for you?

When I first walked in, I have to admit I was a little nervous. I had never done anything like this before. You made me feel so comfortable, even offered me a glass of wine. We had talked before the shoot about things I liked about myself and how much makeup I usually wear, what I did and didn’t do to my hair. I was confident that if something came up that I didn’t like, you would step in and say something to the makeup artist before I even saw it. It was great that you didn’t make me feel pressured to please other people. You just let me be me!!

What did you take away from the session?

I think the biggest thing I took away from the session was being reminded how beautiful I am. It is so easy when you have a child or someone else to take care of, to forget about yourself. Your attention is on them and making sure they are happy. It starts as soon as they are born. You get a 5 second shower when you can, and go with it. Having a day that is all about you and making you beautiful is so uplifting! You stand a little straighter, walk a little taller… You were beautiful before you had children and you are beautiful after, scars – no scars, belly fat – no belly fat. It is something I will always remember and a feeling I am sure to hold on to for a very long time.

Glamour Katie
Glamour Katie portrait
Katie - beauty portrait
Katie - glamour shot
Beauty session - Katie
Glamour portrait - Katie

Now, what do you think? Does it show off? I’d love to hear from you!