Today is a gift Mar22

Today is a gift

I’ve read this story a while ago, and it made me think. I want to share it with you, because it’s really special. There was a blind girl who hated herself because she was blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She told her boyfriend,...

Seeing the people you love – is a beautiful thing. Jan11

Seeing the people yo...

In the beginning of my career as a professional photographer I was sometimes frustrated with my camera – that it didn’t catch the focus where I wanted. Or that I didn’t always know what were my ISO and aperture. My husband, who is very technical, was explaining to me:...

Merry Christmas! Dec24

Merry Christmas!

May the love and light of Christmas illuminate all your days, and through the New Year.

Malvern Fire Company Carnival Jul10

Malvern Fire Company...

The Malvern Fire Company is hosting an annual carnival at the Monument Memorial grounds. Since people from all over the area came to have fun, I, living down the street, couldn’t miss it even if I tried.

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year! Dec24

Merry Christmas And ...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2015 Year – from our family to yours!

Gift of gratitude Nov27

Gift of gratitude

Thanksgiving is the very special time of the year, when we think about all our blessings…

Zion National Park

Right in the heart of the desert in southern Utah you can find this gem – an amazing place with steep cliffs, narrow canyons and beautiful rivers.

Day trip from Las Ve...

One day after my classes at WPPI I had a free afternoon to go and see something. After a little research I decided to go to the Valley of Fire – Nevada’s oldest and largest state park.

Desert Rain

Last week, while on my way to Las Vegas for the WPPI conference, I’ve had an amazing experience. My plane was flying through a rain-storm – over the desert!

One life Jan29

One life

Many times we learn the most valuable lessons in life the hard way….

Annual report for 2013 Dec31

Annual report for 20...

On the last day of the 2013 year, I made a summary of what happened in our family life during this passing year. We have survived! We hope that 2014 will be a great year – for us, for you who are reading this and for everyone! Happy New Year!

A story behind my fa...

We have one favorite spot where we take our family picture every ear. It just turned out naturally – we discovered that we have family pictures in the same place going few years back, and we decided to continue this ‘tradition’.

My birthday boy Aug13

My birthday boy

Ten years ago, today, my second son Rafal was born.

What do I love about being a mom? May12

What do I love about...

Children are the main thing that puts life into right perspective. They remind us what life is about – giving, loving, sharing and carrying about each other. Unfortunately, today’s society emphasizes the sacrifices of being a mom far more than rewards…

Our new Mother’s Day tradition May06

Our new Mother’...

Last year I picked up this idea from somewhere in the internet – to interview my boys about me as a mom, and Mother’s Day is a good occasion for that. This year I created my own questions. Some of my boys’ answers are hilarious, others will tell you a lot about me, about them and about our family…

Day Trip from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Apr15

Day Trip from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon

Have you ever been to Grand Canyon? It is one of those places that I am definitely going to show to my kids.

After the WPPI conference in Vegas, together with my good friend Ania – photographer from Wisconsin, we rented a car and went there for a one day trip. It was as crazy as you can imagine – almost 6 hour drive with one stop for a coffee, but definitely worth the whole trip. The beauty of the canyon just stunned us…

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