Fall at Chanticleer Garden

What do you usually do on a lazy weekend? I’m a nature-lover, so as long as the weather is good, I go with my family searching for new, interesting places. We discovered “Chanticleer” garden a few years ago…



When I found Chanticleer, a 35-acre garden located in Wayne, I fell in love with it instantly. The place is so beautiful and intimate that you have to go there and see for yourself. There’s nothing else like it on the Philadelphia Main Line.





It’s a pleasure garden, known for its creative artistry and cutting-edge horticulture. Best place for walks, or a time when you need an escape from the rush of everyday life. It’s the best place where one can feel nature and relax.



I’m always curious about history, and I was eager to find out the story of that special place.
Chanticleer was originally the estate of Christine and Adolph Rosengarten. In the early 20th-century, Mr. Rosengarten was the head of the pharmaceutical company “Rosengarten and Sons” that later became part of Merck Co. Their son Adolph, Jr. never moved into the main house, but used it for entertaining and kept it as it was when the family lived there. He died in 1990 and left the property to be enjoyed as a public garden. We should be thankful for that. Now everyone can come and feel like a special guest of Rosengarten family.