My birthday boy

Ten years ago, today, my second son Rafal was born. It was Wednesday and no one expected me to deliver my baby that day. He was very fast and doctors were lucky to catch him at the right moment. There was no time for any preparations or so.

He came to this world with a loud cry, huge appetite and a super low voice. Yeah – that’s my boy!


First day at home – with his older brother

Over the years I have only fallen more and more in love with him. He is so different from my other two. He is my BIG “momma’s boy”. The kind of guy you can picture with a “MOM” tattoo someday. He can talk more then anybody I know, and every time is good time for him to snuggle or tickle.

He easily makes friends and all his teachers are in love with him. There is no other option, because to know Rafal is to love Rafal.

Happy Birthday to my very special boy!

6 months and 10 years

12 months and 10 years old