My promise to you

Whether I am photographing women, kids, couples or entire families, I always follow some rules that I set for myself to be sure that every person that I work with is happy at the end, that we have similar values and know our expectations. See my Testimonials Page for words from past clients.

When I talked with some ladies after their glamour session with me – it struck me that many of them didn’t expect anything special. The moment they shared their feelings with me, I knew that I was doing something different from the other photographers in the area. I knew that coffee and an in-person consultation were not always popular, but I never thought that my way of organizing things was totally different from others. As one woman said:

I’ve had many sessions in my life, but never experienced something like this. I felt you created that experience just for me. You looked at me and told me exactly what’s good for me and what’s not. When I saw the result on the back of your camera – I knew that I could trust you! Session with you is not like a cookie-cutter headshot or a mall photoshoot. It’s a totally custom experience that I will never forget.”

When I thought about it, I realized that I created my sessions this way so it’s always a full experience – not “just a photo-shoot.” I wanted it to be extraordinary, something that you will never forget. I cannot promise the outcome and that you will fall in love with your images. However, I know that I can see the most beautiful things in you, and God has given me the talent to capture that in the camera.

My promise to you is that you’ll have a great time at the session: with some delicious snacks, beautifully and professionally done hair and makeup, several wardrobe changes, personal styling consultation and different accessories from my collection. I will guide you through the entire process so you don’t have to worry about how you look and how to pose. You can just relax and enjoy the moment, and be sure that I see something special in you every time I press my shutter.

In addition to all of that – I’ll retouch all the images so they look like ready-to-be-published magazine pictures. And then I will organize a private “reveal” session, where you will be the first person to see the images we created together.

That’s all.
I’d love to share those special moments with you!
If you feel ready to have such portrait experience – click on the link below.