Beauty session on the beach (LBI)

Beauty session on the beach

Almost every girl, at some point in her life, wanted to be a model. Some are just born to perform and pose for the pictures, some need more directions. Danielle, however, is just natural! Her beautiful, green eyes can magnetize everyone and beach is like the perfect canvas for all her beauty.

I was fortunate to have more than one opportunity to photograph her. Some of the sessions were more the sort of senior pictures, others were more beauty or glamour style. Her mother later told me that one of my photographs of Danielle won a contest at a modeling agency. It’s always been a pleasure to photograph her and create amazing images for her modeling portfolio.

Not only that she’s beautiful, but she’s smart, motivated and very talented girl. I wish her all the best!

beauty beach session
beauty session on the beach

I am sure that one day, I’ll see Danielle on one of the famous magazine covers, and I’ll be proud of that I was one of the first photographers that were able to photograph her… and show what’s special in that girl.

beach portrait

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