Glamour photography session with Stet

Glamour photography - Stet

My name is Stet, really Stephanie, but I’ve had my nickname since I was little so no one calls me that (not even my mom). I am a 47 year SAHMStay at home Mom to an almost 5 year old beautiful little girl named Piper and a wife to my wonderful husband Mark for almost 6 years (together for 12).

After having our daughter and trying for 3 years to have a second child – with the ups and downs of fertility treatments – I felt tired. Tired of the many letdowns. Tired of being a pin cushion. Tired of running to the doctors all the time. Tired of being moody. Tired of not being there 100% for my family. Just tired. I didn’t feel good about myself because I was always in my workout clothes (I do workout but then would get home and clean the house, do laundry, walk the dog, cook dinner, clean up, Piper’s bath time, etc.) By that time it was too late to shower and I was too tired. After awhile, I figured how I looked was “just me”. I sometimes wondered how it got like this… I worked in the beauty industry for 11 years and then was in the corporate world for 14 years. I dressed up and made myself presentable every day.

Then I saw Patricia’s post for her beYOUtiful campaign and I thought, what the heck. I would like to feel beautiful again. I sent in my video and didn’t think about it again. I never win anything so did not think I would win this. Then to my surprise I received a message from Patricia that I was chosen! I was so excited!

After I met with Patricia for coffee and to discuss the campaign, I was even more excited! She made me feel beautiful that morning, with my hair in a ponytail and my workout clothes on! SHE was excited to take MY photos because she saw the potential in me, but I didn’t… yet.

The day of the shoot I went to her studio. She introduced me to her team of “magicians” (hair & make-up artists and a videographer). She had a wonderful spread of food and drinks out. I felt like I was a movie star being pampered and the center of attention. It felt good!

During the shoot with my touch-ups and outfit changes, I felt so comfortable, so at ease. I felt like I did these kinds of things everyday. Patricia does that to you… she is such a professional with a kind, huge heart.

I went back to her studio today to look at my images and choose a few of them. I couldn’t believe the beautiful person in those photo’s was me! You could see how good I felt in my eyes and my smile. I was having fun! I was beautiful. I AM beautiful! It was so hard to chose which images I liked the best!

Ever since that magical day, I must say I feel a little pep in my step. I take the time to change out of my workout clothes, shower and actually get dressed. I feel like that person in the photos now and I want to look the part. I may not have the perfect hairdo or any makeup on, but I am still beautiful. And amazingly, I’m not so tired anymore!

Every woman should have this experience at least one time in her life. It was an experience I will never forget and I have Patricia to thank for that… Thank you Patricia from the bottom of my heart!



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