Zion National Park

I cannot believe it’s already a month since I visited the Zion National Park in Utah. It was another of my day trips from Las Vegas. After several intensive days spent inside MGM Grand at the WPPI photography conference, together with my friend Ania, I rented a car and drove to Zion. We left Vegas around 6am, and after a few hours of driving north on Interstate 15, we arrived at the park.

While Zion is fairly small compared to other national parks, it has a very diverse terrain and plenty of hiking opportunities. Right in the heart of the desert in southern Utah, you can find this gem – an amazing place with steep cliffs, narrow canyons and beautiful rivers. From arid desert sections to breathtakingly majestic viewpoints to lush forests and claustrophobic slot canyons, there is a lot of beauty that most casual visitors never see. You really have to know where to go to be able to see all of it. Unfortunately, this time I only had about 5 hours to wander around, and I got to take only two hikes. Still, what I saw made a great impression on me. I am already planning to go back there next year, but this time with my whole family, and for at least a week. I am still not sure if this will be enough time to explore it all…


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