Day of Life – photography session

A “Day of Life” photography session is literally what the name says – a photographic documentary of one particular day in a life of your family. I am available to come to your place in the morning to photograph your family as your day starts. Then I may stay or come back at different times to photograph the important times of the day until evening, when you put your children to sleep.

When I told Monica and her husband Mike about such a session, they were very excited and ready to ‘jump in’. We picked one Saturday and a few weeks later I showed up on their doorstep early in the morning – with my camera and head full of ideas. Over the course of the day we captured ordinary moments as well as magnificent family portraits. Over 300 photographs in all! “What great material for a book!”- I thought. And we did just that!

Together we created an amazing book, that tells a story of their family day. The book is really beautiful and I am sure they will cherish it for many years to come! That day they celebrated their family and every person was a star for me.

The images below are just a tiny tiny snippet from their session. Hope you enjoy it.



It’s the little moments that make life big! Every day you are alive is a special occasion to celebrate.