Teaching your kids photography

Teaching your kids about photography is good, fun and pretty easy to do. The only one thing you need is a simple digital camera (point & shoot is perfectly fine) and a bit of time to explain the basic steps to them. But first of all…

Why would you give a camera to a kid?

Children see things differently – the world is different in their eyes. They have that purity and imagination that most adults lose over time. They can be very creative and if you ever put a camera in their hands – you’ll discover their perspective for the many things around us. It’s really rewarding.


Key skills

Before you begin, it’s good to explain the parts of the camera and what they do: lens, viewfinder and shutter button. Tell them something like: “this is where you look”, “this is where you press the button”, and “whatever you see in the frame (fingers, camera strap) –  that will be in the picture”.

Hold your camera still

I think this skill is the most difficult to master for children, and the one that will make the biggest difference. Show them how to hold the camera: have them use both hands and keep the strap around their neck or wrist all the time. It’s also  important to be still while taking the picture, especially when pressing the button – otherwise the picture will be blurred.

Choose an object of interest

Find the subject you want to photograph and make sure you see it in your viewfinder. When you are ready – take one picture and then try to make it more interesting by moving closer or trying different angles.


Have fun with your camera! Check what it would look like when taking a picture from under the table? What happens when you move really close to your brother’s nose? What about climbing a chair and seeing how everything looks from that perspective? When you are ready – make some changes in your camera modes, and try to photograph the same things again. There are no wrong answers – just pure creativity. After all, even blurred pictures can be interesting…


I understand that not everyone is made to be the best teacher. But everyone can invest in the lives of children and inspire them to create something beautiful – whether by drawing, sculpting or by simply taking pictures of the things that surround them. You never know – your child may grow up to become a renowned and appreciated photographer because you gave him/her the first opportunity.