Glamour photography session with Jennifer

Some people think that I hire professional models to show in my portfolio. I admit this is a great compliment for my work, however the truth is I’ve never shot a professional model. All my subjects are real women, like me and you, of all sizes and ages.

This just shows you, that the great “supermodel” beauty is in each and every one of us. Just look at Jennifer – she is a perfect example of a curvy girl, and perfectly worthy of a “supermodel” glam! Anyone willing to sign a contract with her? I’ve got her contact information…


Jennifer has sent me her thoughts and agreed to share them with you:

My name is Jennifer. I am a corporate professional, who has a great love for charities, fund-raising and networking. I have a soft spot in my heart for animals of all kinds, and am Mom to two lovely doggies teenagers!


Before my session with Patricia, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d seen her work on her website, but didn’t believe I could look as beautiful as any of those ladies. I’ve had headshots done before and other photography sessions so I expected something similar – light makeup, a touch-up to my hair and a few photos. The session with her was an amazing surprise. Patricia goes 100% all out to make you feel like a beautiful and cherished woman. Lovely homemade sweets and fruit are laid out, coffee (and champagne!) are offered, and she encourages you to just relax and enjoy the pampering experience. Her unbelievably talented hair and makeup artist really knows what she is doing. She was able to create three distinct looks to go with separate outfits. Patricia ensures that everything is going smoothly every step of the way, from lighting to furniture placement.


During the session, Patricia couldn’t be more patient. She explains what she needs, shows you exactly what she is looking for and makes you feel like the only woman in the world. All attention is on making you look and feel your absolute best! She lets you know ahead of time what colors and styles will reflect well on film and with your shape and coloring, so by the time she is shooting you, you just know the final product is going to make you look your best. I was so surprised at how much time Patricia spent with me, getting everything just right. Her patience is endless! And all the effort was well worth it.


I felt so empowered, so beautiful, I was floating on air for the rest of that special day. I felt beautiful, powerful, determined and worthy – worthy of attention, worthy of compliments, worthy of love. The feeling Patricia leaves you with lasts for days. The power, strength and sense of self are boundless.


If you have ever thought of having a glamour session of any sort, I cannot recommend Patricia strongly enough. This is not your average, run-of-the-mill, photo shoot. This is a complete experience. From the moment you walk in the door and are escorted to her beautiful studio, from the beginning to the very end, the day is all about you. Making you feel special, making you feel beautiful. This is a gift you can give yourself or someone else that they will never forget, for you will have the memories both on film and etched forever in your mind’s eye.


That’s exactly my passion: to photograph women and make them feel the most beautiful they have ever felt in their entire life!

A note about Copyright

I’m Patricia, a European-American photographer based in Malvern, PA. In this blog post you’re watching my livelihood: I take pictures to pay my bills. Therefore please don’t download or copy any photographs from this blog. Instead, share the entire blog post. Thank you.