Nine portraits in one frame

I’m all excited about the new product I am introducing for my Glamour session clients! As you know, I currently offer Wall Portraits in 5 different sizes, and I recently added the Folio Box with 3 choices. If you wanted a larger size print – the choice was there. If you didn’t want anything for the wall, then you could have your photographs in a Folio Box. Until now – that was it.

What about if you want to show off your beautiful portraits, but without making them big? The answer is: small gallery on the wall! Nine 4×6 portraits in one frame!

In this product your photographs are actually developed onto a true photo-sensitive paper, just like in the old days. Images are individually mounted in a fine-art thick mat and the whole piece is completed with a white (or black) frame, that measures 18×24″. It’s like having a gallery right on your wall!


This gallery in a frame is an excellent product for dancing or moving shots. If you like the idea and would like one for yourself, contact me.

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I’m Patricia, a European-American photographer based in Malvern, PA. A discriminating person who knows what I like and like what I do. I’m passionate about my work – specializing in people and their relationships: loving families, couples in love, and lovely moms. Read more…