3 important things to remember while photographing kids

Having a baby is often the reason parents buy a camera. They want to record every stage of their child’s life, from cradle to college – and beyond.

Unfortunately – having a good camera is not enough to create great photographs. Real photographs – the ones that shows your child’s personality, each stage in life and all the beauty that surrounds that special moment. Often parents are very surprised seeing me photographing their children. It’s so unconventional… and easy at the same time.


Everyone can take better pictures of their kids. You just have to remember these 3 basic rules:

  1. Don’t say “cheese”
  2. It’s impossible to smile naturally while saying that word. The real smile that your children are designed to make is a matter of the right moment when they are enjoying themselves. Also, remember that there is beauty in non- smiling photographs as well! Record all the emotions and faces of your child, even the crazy ones, and you’ll not regret it. That’s the reality of your life!


  3. Don’t be “bossy” or impatient
  4. Once you start to tell them what to do – or worse – get mad at them – your chances of getting great pictures are close to zero. Don’t say “don’t move” or “turn your face to me”. Let them be themselves! Childhood will not last forever, so stop being so serious, and let your playful side take over. Do some silly things with them, tell some jokes and enjoy yourself! At the end of the day, you’ll get some great pictures of a happy child.


  5. Do get down on their level
  6. It’s important to be on their level, physically and mentally. Don’t photograph them from above because it will create an unnatural perspective. Your child’s head will appear much bigger than his/her body. Also, talking down to them creates a stiff atmosphere… so get down on their level and treat them as an equal. I guarantee you’ll not only get beautiful pictures, but also a great relationship with your child.


There it is – the whole secret of taking better photographs of your children. Use my advice to create something special… And remember – you can’t take too many pictures of your own children. They only grow up once, and it will be wonderful when you’re older to have all those memories to look back on.