Lifestyle beach session on LBI

beach session on LBI - four ladies

This beautiful mom brings her girls for a beach session with me every couple of years. I still remember when I meet them for the first time – 5 years ago on LBI. Relaxing on a blanket I was observing the girls playing together. It was something totally different than I had with my three sons. I asked if I can photograph them and they were more than happy to be my ‘models’. Back then the girls were much younger but equally sweet.

Meet Isabella, Danielle and Juliana:

beach girl 1
beach girl 2
beach girl 3
beach session on LBI
beach girl portrait
beach session on LBI

I love the peaceful, fun feel of this family’s session! There was so much playfulness and laughter during our time together… Just like the ‘girls’ time – on the famous New Jersey Shore.

beach girls - funny poses
beach portrait
beach portrait - LBI

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