Contest results – the best photo of 2013

Big thanks to everyone for participation – I did not expect that so many people will vote. In fact, a pretty tight vote-race took place in here, with voting continuing until Thursday midnight. There was even one vote placed after midnight, which unfortunately did not count.

I have carefully tallied up the votes, removing 10 votes that did not provide any explanation and multiple duplicate votes. I guess some of you found it confusing, that your comments were “held for moderation” and thought there was some sort of an error, so you submitted the comment once more. Anyway, in the end there are 230 valid votes – magnificent!

Here is a little graphic illustrating the results:

Contest results

Looking at this you might wonder – who’s the winner? Obviously, the bars for photographs #2 and #5 stand out from the others, but they seem pretty close and it’s hard to tell which one is taller. So, in order to no longer keep anyone in suspense – I officially announce, that there is a tie between pictures #2 and #5, which have both received 98 valid votes! That is absolutely unprecedented!

Because this year we have two winners – both of them will receive my special prize! Congratulations!

Lauren (family session) and Jessica (beloved session) – you did a great job promoting the contest among your family and friends. You are the winners!

And here are the two winning photographs – officially your favorite shots of 2013!


Once more – a BIG THANK YOU to all who participated in voting and to all the people who just stopped by to see my blog. I hope that you liked it.