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Donate a dress

Every woman likes to play dress-up… But not every woman, especially a mom – can afford to pay that extra money and glam herself up. I want to help by collecting some dresses for them.

If you still have your prom / wedding gown or a nice dress – especially with sparkly sequins or lace pieces – why not donate it to the beYOUtiful campaign? It might be a great fit for some lady, and she will have a wonderful experience and beautiful pictures taken in it.

Perhaps you have a nice hat or a scarf that you no longer use? An old earring without pair? You can donate these items too – I might be able to use them to add details for fancy glamour shots.

* Currently the most sought-after sizes are 8 to 14.

    What item would you like to donate?

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    Will you drop off or do you need me to pick the item(s) up from your place?

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    Disclaimer - please read before submitting

    Fig Tree Portraits is not a charitable organization, therefore I am not able to provide you with a donation form for tax deduction purpose. Instead, whenever you book a session with me, please mention the fact that you donated items and I will give you print credit at my discretion.

    I promise I will not sell or trade items donated through this campaign. Nevertheless, if I can't use your item, I will drop it off at a local Goodwill or Salvation Army place. I reserve the right not to use your donated item.

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