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I know there are so many women out there, beautiful women, that can not see how beautiful they are. Everyone can see it but not them – they look in the mirror and can only see spots or wrinkles or an extra inch here and there. They are loving, hard-working, caring, precious and gorgeous women, but too often they do not think this way of themselves.

Are you such a woman? I want to help you rediscover what’s beautiful and special in you. I know what beauty looks like and I want to use my photography talent to help you – at no cost – to find out that you indeed are beautiful – the way you are.

The requirements are: You have to believe in yourself as being beautiful on the inside, and you must sign a model release to enable me to use photo and video of you for promotion online or in print. Follow these simple instructions to apply.


  • Record yourself using your phone or computer camera – an about 30-seconds video.
  • Say your name, one thing about yourself (anything at all), and explain why you are applying.
  • Send your video to me. You can use the upload form below or email me directly: patricia@figtreeportraits.com.
  • 10 MBytes maximum file size, please! If you have a larger file, please upload it to your Google Drive or Dropbox and send me a share link.
  • You will be automatically entered in the wait-list for the beYOUtiful experience. Once someone with a good heart sponsors you, I will contact you with further details.

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    Upload your video:

    Disclaimer - please read before submitting

    By clicking the submit button you agree for the Fig Tree Portraits to use your name and video on the beYOUtiful campaign website and facebook profile - for the purpose of candidate selection, promotion and soliciting donations.

    I agree.

    Current applications on wait-list


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    23 April

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